Workshop (3 hour)

Want to dig a little bit more into the generational discussion?  Looking for some easy-to-implement tools and skills for your group to walk away with?

This 3 hour presentation goes a bit further than our Keynote talk and looks at ways we can develop the right culture, the right coach and the right commitment out of all the generations.


Program Breakdown:

  • Segment One:  Generations in the Workplace and Their Impact on Our Workplaces

    • Introductions/Welcome

    • Defining what a “generation” is

    • Identifying the multiple generations in the workplace and the challenges/tensions that come with this mix

    • Understanding what makes the Millennial tick

      • Why are Millennials vital to the future of our workplace

      • Key things that drive your best Millennials out of your workplace

  • Segment Two: The Four Big C’s of Millennial Talent

    • Culture - identifying how our workplace culture and environment is today and what it needs to be tomorrow.  

      • Collaborative team-based structure in the workplace

      • CAMP Method of Motivation

      • Application Segment: Utilizing the CAMP model for you and your staff

    • Coaching - developing ourselves into "Adaptive Coaches"

      • Baiting the hook to suit the fish

      • Using Blanchard’s Situational Leadership to flex to various styles

      • Application Segment: Assessing the people you manage through the lens of SL


  • Competency & Commitment - creating the Leadership Growth Lattice for a Millennial’s career

    • Using the Growth Lattice as a way to grow Millennial talents, skills and commitment to the organization

    • Application Segment: Fill out the Leadership Lattice for the ideal Millennial experience

  • Conclusion

  • 3 immediate action steps from today for tomorrow

  • Q/A

Approximate Cost: $1,399 (excludes travel/lodging/etc.)

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