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10 Tips To Becoming the Value-Added, Indispensable Millennial Employee

When we train on the new workforce generation one of the most common themes that emerges is how can a Millennial worker become more value-added in a short amount of time.  In addition to this theme usually the next sub-theme is ‘…make it practical, real life examples, attainable differences.’  With those two thoughts in mind we’ve put together a list of what we have heard, seen, and believe are ways that a new Millennial worker can become indispensable:

1. Have a “Show Up, On Time, Ready To Go” Philosophy.  Number one on the list and quite possibly the most important (because all the others need to have this underlying mindset) is the ‘show up’ mantra.  This means being on time, being present; attuned, prepared and ready to go in mind, body, and attitude.

2. Review a meeting agenda ahead of time and find places to add insightful value. Write out questions related to the topic. For example, “How would we respond to the problem if we expanded/reduced our approach?” “How might the customer see this situation from his/her perspective?” “How does this information/update affect our timeline or goal?”