The Leaderverse


Welcome to 2019!  I’m excited to boot up the blog again and hope to be pushing out more content this year with a focus on leadership.  

Growing Millennial Leadership is a passion project for me and like many things, it needs to evolve.  This year many of my topics will be around real practical leadership skills, as well as the innovation, grit and resilience that is needed to not just be a good employee, entrepreneur or leader, but also to lead a healthier life.

“There’s nothing new under the sun,” and with that in mind I’ll be “dusting” off many of the New Directions inspired thoughts on leadership.  New Direction, was a family-owned firm that did great work with large and small organizations. I worked there for six years. My mother started the firm in 1985 and has since retired.  I developed a lot of my millennial and leadership insights and thoughts at the firm as I began to grow Harrington Brands.

The theme for Growing Millennial Leadership this year is around whole leadership or what I’m calling the Leaderverse.  All things leadership are covered in the Leaderverse. Innovation, creativity, motivation, failure, communication, problem solving - all in the Leaderverse.

As I continue to go around and work with many organizations, I don’t think we have a millennial problem or even a generation problem.  We lack good leaders. What’s more, we lack leaders who have the tools in their tool belt to make the best out of their teams. Many of these young leaders want to be good at their job, they just never went to school to be a leader.  

My hope is that by sharing the many tips, tactics and tools I have learned, both while at New Directions and even in my current role as the executive director of the Bennington Regional Chamber of Commerce in Bennington, Vermont, that I can help those young leaders build up their tool belt.  

So join me in 2019 as we explore this Leaderverse.