NEWS: GML Publishes 'The Millennial Handbook'

A 3o+ page handbook created to house as much information about Millennials as we can possibly put in a download, this handbook is built as a 'read this first' manifesto.  If you're just jumping into the 'Millennial worker' conversation this is a great place to start and learn about the newest workforce generation.

In this 'Handbook' the reader will learn:

  • How we define a generation
  • What are the 4 working generations
  •  What the future of work looks like
  • Style differences between Millennials and other generations
  • Key characteristics of the Millennial generation and why this is vital
    to our workforce
  • How to build an engaging workplace culture for the Millennial generation
  • The Belief:Behavior Conversation with Millennials, the CAMP Method of Motivation for Millennials  and building the skills of the Adaptive Coach for Millennials
  • Retention plans for Millennial workers
  • Additional advice to help Millennials become value-added

This is a perfect Handbook for leaders in organizations dealing with the new generation, managers, HR departments, recruiters and Millennials themselves!