Keynote Talks (1 hour)

One of our most popular ways to quickly introduce organizations, associations and groups to the idea of a multi-generational culture is through our 1 hour "Keynote" talks.  

Presented by Matt Harrington, these Keynote Talks set the foundational elements for your group to have a robust discussion about the many generations influencing your organization.


Program Breakdown:

• What is a generation

• The 4 generations in the workplace

• What generations want from employers

• Connecting to each generation

• Understanding what makes the Millennial generation tick

• Why are Millennials are vital to the future of our workplace

• Key things that can drive your best Millennials out of your workplace

• 3 immediate action steps from today for tomorrow

• Q/A (if time permits)

Approximate Cost: $699 (excludes travel/lodging/etc.)

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